iPhone Parental Monitoring Solution

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You can then log on to your account using any browser. You’ll be able to monitor your kids’ activities on the phone from any browser.

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Why Cocospy Parental Monitoring App?

Manage their time on the phone

Cocospy parental monitoring app gives you control over the time that your kids spend on the phone. Using your phone, you can control what they can access at a particular time. Since people carry their phones to bed, you can always make them sleep early just by locking down whatever can keep them up.

Protect your Kids

The internet presents all kinds of dangers for kids. By knowing what’s going on in their online lives, you can protect them from online predators, threats and other forms of cyberbullying.

Know your Kids Better

With Cocospy iPhone parental monitoring, you’ll be able to see everything that your kid does on the phone; who they call, what they chat about, what pictures they take, etc. This will help you understand them better and correct them when necessary.

Safeguard your kid's future.

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With Cocospy parental monitoring app for iPhone, you will be able to take control of your child’s online safety, and even protect them from themselves!