How to Track An Android Phone Location, Messages and More

A step by step guide on how to spy Android phones or tablet pcs with Cocospy.

Cocospy helps you watch over your kids and protect them from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, and other threats. You will be able to monitor and store call logs, messages, social activities and more.

Part One: What Do You Need to Start Spying An Android Phone?

A Premium Account

Used to access control panel and use all features.

Access to the Target Phone

Can legally use the target Android device.

Monitoring App

Should be installed and activated on the target Android phone.

Access to the Target Phone

Can legally use the target Android device.

Part Two: How to Spy Android Phones or Tablet PCs?

Simply speaking there are only three steps to follow:

• Create a Cocospy account.
• Install the monitoring app on the target Android phone.
• Log into control panel and view monitored data.

Now let's a look at instructions in detail:

1. Create An Account

It's better to use an authentic email address so as to receive the login credentials and app download links after registration. In order to access all advanced features, you may consider to purchase a premium or an ultimate subscription. Please visit the pricing plan page and choose an right plan for yourself.

2. Install Cocospy App

After registration there is a setup process to go through. If the target phone is right at hand, you may take several minutes to complete this step including: installing the monitoring app and make necessary settings on the target device. On the first page of the Setup Wizard you should put a name in order to identify the owner of the monitored phone. It is also obligatory to select the operating system running on the target phones or tablets since the setup process of spying Android phone and iPhone is slightly different. Select "Android" in this case to proceed, and complete the following settings on the target device:

How to use this spy viber messenger significantly:-

This is very easy to use this app and features of this messenger. This works automatically after activating and installing successfully. This has unbounded significant that is very essential for parents, managers, etc. you can detect your enemy, who is acting to be your best and good friend in front of you. Some people are two faced and remain secretive; these types of people are more dangerous than the people who attack in front of your face. The one who attacks on the back is not at all trusted and faithful towards their friend even who has done a lot for them. This spy viber messenger feature is an essential feature of the app, everything is detected on the phone, and you can take the measures in time. Decisions are also taken precisely and approximately.

Part Three: Learn more About the Data You Could Spy:

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