3 Simple steps to track Android phone for free

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Get your Cocospy account free online. It's easy to sign up, and all you need is your email and password.

Install the Android tracker

Once you log in to your account, you’ll be able to download the app from the website to your phone.

Monitoring online

You can then log on to your account using any browser. You’ll be able to see the phone’s location in real time as well as track any calls and messages.

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Why do you need Cocospy Android tracker?

Know and Protect your Children

Knowing your kids is one of the best ways of keeping them safe. With Cocospy, you’ll know whether they go home directly after school, know their friends and even understand their world better.

Monitor your Employees

Knowing what your employees say and think about your business is key to driving your organization towards the success you desire. With this Android device tracker and phone monitoring software on your business phones, you’ll always be a step ahead of your employees.

Safeguard your kid's future.

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