Android Monitoring Solution


Signing up with Cocospy is quite straightforward as you will only require your email and password. Whatsmore, it's free!

Install the App

Cocospy Android monitoring App is easy to install and set up.

Monitoring online

You can now keep track of all the activities of your kids and employees from your browser.

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Why Cocospy Android Parental Monitoring App?

Protect your Kids

To keep them safe, you have to know what dangers they expose themselves to, especially when online. Cocospy Android monitoring app helps you achieve this in an easy and effective way.

Take control of their phones

When given too much freedom kids can be a danger to themselves. You will now be able to control what apps they can use, and even when they can use them. To don’t want them to go to their rooms and play games until late.

Know what to correct

Kids need a lot of guidance, and there are things they don’t say to their parents. With Cocospy, you can always know whats going on in their lives, and intervene whenever necessary.

Safeguard your kid's future.

Get started now

Knowledge is power, and knowing your kids is one of the essential elements of parenting. Cocospy monitoring app for Android will let you understand the life better, and help them where necessary.